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We Help Chronic Pain Sufferers To Live Pain Free. 
You Can Live Happy Without Medication Or Risky Surgery!
We know the impact that regular back pain, neck pain and headache can have on your active life. It's not fun and it makes even the easiest chores seem impossible

We would like to help, so we have put together an incredible new client voucher for just £100!
Click below "I WANT RELIEF" to purchase your voucher which includes an online Full Postural Analysis, Symptoms & Root Cause Analysis and a copy of our book, "The Pain Killer" which reveals the missing link that is the key to you living pain free. 
Get All This Amazing Stuff for Just £100
Are you currently a chronic pain sufferer? Do you need pain relief or an expert opinion? We'd like to offer you an introduction to our revolutionary treatment with an Online Pain & Posture Assessment.

  • Online Postural Analysis - The root cause for your chronic pain (that you won't hear from traditional healthcare experts) can always be traced back to a postural imbalance.

    Seeing your own posture in this way is an eye opening insight into the reason you are in pain. 
  • Online Symptoms/Root Cause Analysis - After taking your posture into account, we will analyse your symptoms and explain (using language you will understand) the reason why your posture is "holding" your body in such a way that your area of pain is overworking.  When you understand this, you'll understand why your pain is the only result.

    We will explain to you exactly what your symptoms are and how we can get you pain free with specific hands-on treatment not found anywhere on the NHS or in traditional healthcare.

    We will also explain how we plan on addressing your postural imbalance (root cause) which will help you stay pain free for longer. 
  • Free Book Download - The Pain Killer is the number 1 secret known at Premier League level for chronic pain treatment.

    This is results based, hands-on treatment that has not yet made it's way to traditional healthcare although it used widely used in Elite sport.

    Understanding this is the key to unlocking a pain free future for yourself.
We have helped over 3000 people, just like you, live a life free from Back Pain, Neck Pain, Joint Pain, Nerve Pain, Fibromyalgia, Headaches and more... 

Purchase your voucher today to finally understand your pain.
How It Works
It's really simple... 

1. Once you purchase your voucher, We will send it to you via email along with your copy of our book The Pain Killer

2. In the email is a link to our online consultation page. We'll ask you to answer a few questions and submit 1 front facing and 1 side facing photo of yourself. 

3. Within 24 hours of your submission you will receive your full postural analysis report.
How Will It Feel When You Write Your Own 5* Story?
Meet Our Founder
Your personal report will be completed by our Founder, James Tyrell-Nestor, who is also the Soft Tissue (Injury) Specialist at Everton FC. 

With over 15 years experience and over 3000 clients on our database, we have successfully treated symptoms like yours many times over. You are in the right place! 

We promise this will be an eye opening in depth analysis that will finally allow you to understand your pain and see a clear path to a pain free future
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